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I will also vote for #3 mainly because it would save us a little admin time and Karsten a lot of admin time. It would also spread out the average prime rate found instead of having tons of them at first followed by less of them later.

David, if we went that route, you would still get the entire range loaded into your server; just processed in a different order.

If we did #3, I would still suggest doing what I suggested above with Max or me posting the primes found sorted by k-value in the primes thread. Instead of every n=5K or 10K range, we just do it after about every 2-5 k's searched. The admin time it would save for Max and me is us having to sort it by k-value before posting so not a lot. But...the admin time saved by Karsten would be large. He would only have to update the n-range searched on each k one time each.

We have 2 votes each on #2 and #3. More opinions still welcome.

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