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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Excellent. OK, everyone. I just need to apply the P=1.4T-1.8T factors to the file, which I will do shortly. How would we like to proceed with the n=50K-200K effort?

I had previously recommended that we search by k-value. If we do that, we'd post files, 1-3 k's at a time in sequencial order similar to our double-check drive, and people can take as many as they see fit.

Alternatively, we can try loading a very small n-range for the entire set of k's in n-value sequence, say, n=50K-52K, and see how it handles such fast tests. A second alternative might be to load 2-3 k's into the server and observe how the server performs in k-value sequence over the entire n=50K-200K range. In a synopsis:

1. Test manually by k-value.

2. Use server on a small file sorted by n-value. This would be the most stringent test on a server because all tests would be very fast.

3. Use server on a small file sorted by k-value then n-value. This is not as stringent of a test since all n-values within the range will be tested.

I'll vote for #2--to load 50K-52K into IB8000, and see if it breaks.

Of course, if we're giving the server ranges in terms of n, we'll probably want to do the same for manual ranges to avoid confusion. That shouldn't be too bad, though--sorting by n worked pretty well for the 8th Drive on this same k-range, so this should essentially be the same thing except that we'll be giving out larger files to compensate for the smaller tests.

BTW, Gary: if you're having a hard time dealing with the huge sieve files for this effort in a text editor, try popping it onto one of your Linux machines, and then use the terminal to run the command "split -l 500000 [name of sieve file]". It will then split the file into nice easy chunks of 500,000 lines each--quite manageable. (It will originally call the files generic names such as "xaa", "xab", "xac", etc., but you can of course rename them however you like.)
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