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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
1400G - 1800G complete

results emailed

Excellent. OK, everyone. I just need to apply the P=1.4T-1.8T factors to the file, which I will do shortly. How would we like to proceed with the n=50K-200K effort?

I had previously recommended that we search by k-value. If we do that, we'd post files, 1-3 k's at a time in sequencial order similar to our double-check drive, and people can take as many as they see fit.

Alternatively, we can try loading a very small n-range for the entire set of k's in n-value sequence, say, n=50K-52K, and see how it handles such fast tests. A second alternative might be to load 2-3 k's into the server and observe how the server performs in k-value sequence over the entire n=50K-200K range. In a synopsis:

1. Test manually by k-value.

2. Use server on a small file sorted by n-value. This would be the most stringent test on a server because all tests would be very fast.

3. Use server on a small file sorted by k-value then n-value. This is not as stringent of a test since all n-values within the range will be tested.


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