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Default Perl scripts for result file conversion

Finally,I've made some perl scripts to convert various server file formats to standard LLR output format . There are three scripts in the attatched file:
Code: PRPNet 1.02 completed_tests.log format -> standard LLR output format three-lines-per-result LLRNet output format -> standard LLR output format one-line-per-result LLRNet output format -> standard LLR output format
All you need to run them is a perl interpreter.

The useage is simple: <name_of_script> <INFILE> <OUTFILE>

What is planned for the future:
-Give in/outfiles with -i and -o
-for faked time(i.e. append Time : 0.0 sec. to every line) with -ft option, determine type of test(Proth/LLR/PRP) for composite results with -dt
-maybe merge scripts

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