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Refrigerator can easily do 'Grmmmmmmmmmm' and not work actually.
Of course! And quiet too on Peltier elements) This joke mainly about our understanding of life consciousness
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Do you mean b^n - a?
No. Talk was about quadratric case; yes for higher orders.
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Take some integer u>sqrt(p), b=mod(u^2,p); a=mod(b^2,p)=mod(u^4,p);

[From (b-y)^2==0 mod p
b^2-2*b*y+y^2==0 mod p or a-2*b*y+y^2==0;
Solution: y=b-sqrt(b^2-a) (and y=b+sqrt(b^2-a), using first)
Make y an integer, and compute t= b-y =ceil(sqrt(b^2-a))]
if b<sqrt(p) and b^3>p, a=mod(b^3,p)
one roots (of 3)
and so on. Other roots also have importance

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