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Originally Posted by cuBerBruce View Post
My Cat 0 LL assignment does not show up on the Active Assignments page unless I uncheck the "Exclude double-check assignments" checkbox. With the box unchecked, it does show up as work type "LL" and not "D". This apparent bug could be related to the fact that there exists a suspect LL result for the exponent. It appears both the "Exclude first-time LL/PRP assignments" and "Exclude double-check assignments" checkboxes must be unchecked for the assignment to appear.
Technically it's a double-check because of the suspect result already turned in.

In terms of getting an assignment though, suspect results are treated as if they don't exist, and that's just to make sure the double-check is done quickly.

I forget the exact percentage, but suspect results are historically somewhere around 50% bad. Getting them rechecked fast is the goal.

I know... it's strange, and it's assigned as a first time check even though it's really a double-check, but hopefully that explains the "why".
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