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Okay, then here is my list (except the three I already posted):

5,937,528,071,298,337 divides M79,301,333
14,442,281,421,126,743 divides M79,302,799
17,799,362,728,236,577 divides M79,302,869
3,662,561,488,353,343 divides M79,302,887
10,695,722,656,407,751 divides M79,302,913
5,047,893,969,608,233 divides M79,302,997
1,634,431,433,865,679 divides M79,303,043
1,698,695,085,534,217 divides M79,303,537
3,136,526,315,588,713 divides M79,303,787
5,030,442,348,983,809 divides M79,304,249
12,029,872,862,409,959 divides M79,304,767
11,837,233,922,821,649 divides M79,306,621
1,489,613,056,496,161 divides M79,306,957
10,674,647,456,445,961 divides M79,307,411
2,413,242,579,623,431 divides M85,443,359
1,425,498,419,532,223 divides M85,443,433
295,944,887,115,598,361 divides M356,223,641
1,319,818,834,652,471 divides M399,566,119
16,615,468,787,227,799 divides M399,984,073

About the program(s): I don't know if I can do this because I don't know much about legal/copyright stuff (I wrote them with the authors version/edition of Visual C 6, so I might get in trouble ). Maybe I can send it to you via e-mail or somehow. Tell me if you have a better idea.
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