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Originally Posted by Yogi
Okay, thanks about that one. I downloaded the files, decomp'd them and removed all factors from my database - below 79,3M, to be exact. But I have still 21 exponents beyond this which are not on the 79,3M+ list.

6,268,906,931,703,001 divides M79,300,051
3,166,935,531,542,801 divides M79,301,063

Don't tell me they are known and on another list. And yet another question: I've read posts about the long mersenne hunt, but only seen exponent ranges up to 500,000,000. What about the exponents beyond that limit? I know they can't be LL'ed (today), but do they interest you? If so, here's another (I hope still unknown) factor:

522,625,626,312,906,367 divides M535,326,271

And now tell me what to do with the other factors. Shall I post them here or send them directly to Mr. Woltman?
Sure you can post here to check them... Anyway, Will Edgington has a monstruous database holding all known factors of Mersenne numbers at l

You will also be happy to know that there are different distributed projects that work on Mersenne numbers above 79.2M:
Billion digits project at
One hundred million digits project in the Lone Mersenne Hunters thread, LMH>79.2 subthread (ask Uncwilly). Both run on a simple factorization progarm written by me

Also, I'd like to have a copy of your program to test it against mine. Maybe two heads think better than one, and we may help each other to optimize the code.


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