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Originally Posted by Yogi
Hello, I am new to this forum and I have the following problem:

I have written a program for sieving Mersenne numbers and of course found a few factors. To my dishonour I must confess that I only logged factors larger than 1e15, but there are still 16 factors in the range 24M - 79.3M. Now I down-loaded a list of found factors and completed LL-Tests ( but I haven't found "my" factors.

For example, 1,168,021,662,505,063 is a factor of M24,036,611.

Now my question is: Didn't I find my factors, because this is not a complete list and these factors are so trivial, or did I really discover "new" factors? If they are new, what can I do with them?
The factor you listed has already been found. A file containing all factors found by GIMPS can be found at the bottom of
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