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You're missing the point entirely- you have copied / used parameters from either RSA768 (a 232-digit number) or RSA-240. These are, you know, SIXTY or more digits smaller than the number you wish to factor.

If you tried to use good parameters from a 180-digit job to factor a 240-digit job, they would fail miserably. So will yours, for the same reasons.

1. You're not getting any relations because the siever is too small. You need I=18 for a kilobit number. One instance of this siever requires 120GB or more of memory.

2. You don't know what you are doing, so you don't know how to scale any of these settings for this job. Since this job is impossible for you to complete, this doesn't matter a whole lot; but if you happen to be pals with Ben Delo and share his level of hardware resources, you would factor a 140 digit number, then 160, then 180, then 200, then 220 and see how the settings change and memory needs change and time requirements change. Then you and Ben would realize 1024-bit GNFS is not a good idea, but maybe 250-digit GNFS is possible (it is).

3. There are discussions scattered around about trying to factor RSA-1024. You should find these papers or forum posts for ideas about how big a job this is, and what settings might be reasonable. Things like 4 large primes on one side & 3 on the other, 42-bit large primes (or 43, or 44- how much disk space do you have?). Once you have 20 or 50 TB of disk prepared for this task, then you can decide how to write a grant proposal to get access to a cluster with, say, 512GB of memory per node to attempt the postprocessing. That matrix might have a billion rows and a billion columns.

In closing, your settings *might* factor a 230-digit number in some reasonable number of decades, but they won't factor a kilobit number before you die.

EDIT: I pasted your poly into cownoise to see what its score was. Results: optimal skew 8832525.55458 score 7.74032539e-22

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