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About storing stuff for backup purpose (and other), we are also willing to participate with storage for everything related to aliquot sequences (including the "powers" sequences).

Avoiding to store other stuff will make our DB tough against spammers in case we ever go public with it, i.e. not all numbers will be accepted, but only those factoring aliquots.
We wanted for a long time to create a personal DB, even thought of a format to optimally store those numbers to be easy to parse and see the "trees", merges, etc., and not waste the storage space too much, but the concept remained on paper, never materialized in a piece of software, due to time and laziness reasons.

We have however a personal DB with almost all under-100-digits indexes and their factors, for starters under a million, and under-80-digits for higher starters up to 3M or so, but if all the info from the factorDB disappears, restoring the actual status from our DB will take ages, because the most of the work is needed for the larger (over 100 digits) numbers that are stored there. There are thousands of "hard" factorisations there (I mean, in factorDB, not in my DB) for which people spent weeks and months and thousands of core-hours, and which would be a pity to be lost.

Assuming that the computers in 10 years or so will not become so fast (or new algorithms will not be found) to allow making all the fuss we worked for years, factorable in just few minutes

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