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Originally Posted by japelprime View Post
I do not want to do uncontrolled Sieve range or solo work out of the blue here. To messy. Any gabs to close maybe if that will help ?
All of the gaps in my table are just as you see them. That is from 150000 decimal digits to 300000 decimal digits and greater than 305000 decimal digits, with the exception of the four from 386434 to 386642 decimal digits. That is, they are organized by decimal-digit size. I think Norbert Schneider still uses an (x,y) search approach to his prime finds but just limits his ranges to be sufficiently large. He has not shared which ranges he has actually tried. I don't know how Gabor Levai found his very large primes but I suspect that his approach is closer to my own, which is to organize Leyland (x,y) pairs by digit-size and sieve them that way. For example, the (x,y) pairs of Leyland numbers with exactly one million digits are, in order of increasing size, tabled here.
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