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To answer some questions:

Although I am using the root crontab to shut the machine down in the evening, I was attempting this with the user's crontab. I didn't consider trying @reboot in the root crontab. I will explore that.

My preference would be gnome-terminal, which I use everywhere across all my machines, but I only have three Debian systems and they already have some different things from the rest, so an alternate terminal wouldn't be too bad. But, I don't think the terminal choice has any bearing on the issue at hand, does it?

I'm trying to get a script to run when the system powers up and the math userid becomes active, with a visible terminal existing in the GUI when I bring it up remotely via an SSH VNC session, since these machines are headless. I do have a script that runs a gnome-terminal that in turn runs the script I'm ultimately interested in. The issue is just getting it to run when it is powered up.

From what I've read, systemd is the current preferred method to add startup scripts, and that would be fine, if it would work, but none of the examples do. I also wouldn't mind using crontab, if that would work on powerup.

As a last thought, many of the pages I've used for my trials change file attributes via chmod calls, including some making the scripts executable, while others do not. Maybe within all my play, I have those attributes all confused and really need to start fresh by deleting a bunch of things first.

Thanks everyone for trying to help me iron this out.
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