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Originally Posted by whengryphonsfly View Post
No, and that's the issue. The server thinks the client is doing those 12 tests, but the client threw an error and rejected them without properly abandoning them. So, those 12 tests are stuck in limbo. I manually ran LLR, so I know what the results are, but I don't know how to get those results to the server.

I think I read somewhere that the server will automatically cancel tests that take 48 hours, and if that's the case it won't matter. But I may be misremembering that, and if so then manual intervention will be required. Hence, my question: is there some way I can bypass prpclient on my end and report the results? Or do we just wait?
There is no way to manually report test results. The server will eventually expire the test (there is a Pending Tests page accessible via a browser) that will tell you when it will expire. Once expired it will be sent out again.

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