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The 100mdpp site will be down for 10-24 hours on Monday February 20th, 2006 through Thursday February 23rd due to mainteance on hosting servers. Reservations and results will be handled on the forum (I will post even my own).

The email I recieved from 5gigs:

Dear Valued Members,

Over the past while we have worked hard to determine the best way to fix some issues that are continually plaguing some user’s accounts. After thoroughly reviewing the situation, it has been determined that the biggest problem is due to a conflict between our server architecture and the cPanel software used on all our servers.

We have been in contact with cPanel trying to figure out why the software isn’t working the way it should and if there is an update coming that will correct the situation. We have not been given any confirmation on a fix anytime soon so we have no choice but to proceed with an alternate solution.

This solution will involve backing up everyone’s account, backing up all databases, consolidating SQL privileges, re-configuring our servers and restoring our user’s accounts.

We have spent a lot of time planning and testing this process prior to making a final decision and we are confident that things should proceed with no major problems.

Starting Monday February 20th, 2006 through Thursday February 23rd, 2006, each server may be down for between 10 - 24hrs (worst case scenario) while we restore user data. User’s access to FTP and POP services will be locked from 9am Monday morning (GMT -8). Any changes you make to your account after this time using FileManager or PHP Scripts will not be restored to our newly configured servers.

The 5GIGS Team
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