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Default Payam number generator

Back from my trip, here is Axn1's Payam number generator. This is a windows executable, and from the subdirectory you should use the instruction:

payamx [p|m|t] <e> <start> <end> {<cc> <ee>}

p is a plus as in an E+<e> sieve of k2^n+1
m is for the minus one case
t is both plus and minus, i.e. will find numbers which have no small factors in both the plus and minus case

Start and end are to be written out in full i.e. 1000000000000000
"start" should be less than 10^19, and the end value should be less than ("start"+10^15)

e is the payam level (max 256)

cc, ee are optional secondary sieve. It sieves the survivors on 1<=n<=cc for all p with order <=ee This is useful for bitwins

AS an example, the command

payamx m 52 1 1000000000000

will produce the first few E(52) payams in the minus series.
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