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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman
The question is poorly posed.

I know what was intended, but what was intended was not what was asked.
The question that was *intended* was: Will we discover a new MERSENNE
prime below M42?
Learn to phrase mathematical questions precisely.
That is context my dear sir. The question being posed is asked in the Mersenne Forum, the lounge specifically (as opposed to a specific search subfora). The 'we' refered to is those of us involved in GIMPS. And the referent is M42. The inclusion in the poll of other mersenne's to mark off the ranges further points to a specific type.

Under those bits of context, it is to be understood that a new mersenne prime is what they are refering to.

If they wanted to know if a new Proth, general format, etc. they would have stated so.
I believe Mr. Silverman is likely to have posed a similar question without all the bagage of fully stating each small detail to define it. I choose not to search his past posts and embarass him.
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