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I think the breaking-off-or-not depends on the time-scale. Splitting the range will speed up the sieving at the moment. However, in the long run overall sieving time would be shorter when sieving longer ranges. At least that's what I think.

Anyway, one core freed up and I ran a sr1sieve for 2.7e6 < n < 4.1e6 and 314e12 < P < 325e12. Estimation was 24 factors in about 3 days or about 11000 s per candidate removed. To confirm, I ran it for 7 hours, about 10%, and found 4 factors, i.e. 6300 s per candidate removed.

LLR2 takes 2500 s for n = 2.7e6, so I stopped the sieve and continued LLR. It seems for this n-range sieving doesn't make sense anymore. Of course I could extend the sieve, but for now I want to finish n < 4.1e6 and then see how and if I'll continue.

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