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hello there,

does a legend exist, which explains the various statistics shown on the User Summary page?
In special in the "Stats for the Last 365 Days" section there is a bar diagram with "percentile rank" of TF, P-1 and LL, but it doesn't sum up to 100%.
Then there are two scales with "CPU results", where the left one always shows 0% and the other always 28%, although my computer runs nearly 24/7 and uses most of its CPU-time for mprime. So what is shown there? Perhaps a little confusion due to the "V4 computers"-CPU listed on the left side, which contains the CPU-data of the computer I had when I joined GIMPS, and which is abandoned since I got my new computer 1,5 years ago?
Below this, there is "Lifetime stats", which looks very similar to the "Last 365 days stats" and doesn't sum up to 100% as well...

Regards, Matthias
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