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Default Blend test is failing on FFT length 1120k every time

Hello, I have ran the blend test 3 times and each time it fails on the same FFT length 1120k. I even ran the test at 1 minute each, and it still failed on the 1120k length, which took 5-10 to get to instead of an hour and a half. Also, it only fails on one worker at a time, but it has happened on worker 1 once and worker 2 twice.

My specs:

ga-p35-ds3l (newest bios, rev 2) - all default in the cpu/ram section. except performance enhance set to standard.

e8400 - no overclock

gskill 4gb 1066 (f2-8500cl5) - I have tried different settings each test.

Test 1 (5-5-5-15, ddr2 +v.3)
Test 2 (5-5-5-15, ddr2 + v.3, mch v.1, fsb v.1)
Test 3 auto (7-7-7-20)
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