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Originally Posted by Brian Gladman View Post
The values used for quintsize (and hence qstep) are set by the def-par.txt file. The format of lines in this file are described in the file while individual lines set out the parameters used for various size factoring jobs. I believe that you should be able to do what you want by modifying appropriate lines to suit your needs (note however that changes the values for very large jobs of 160 digits or more).
Hey Brian,

I finally figured out (read correctly) the section of code I was trying to manage. I was missing that fact_pl['digs'] was equal to digits / 0.72 and therefore any composite over 115 digits was handled by the "if fact_p['digs' >= 160:" section, instead of def-par.txt. So, therefore changes the values for composites over 115 digits.

Thanks for all,
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