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Default Sieving multiple NewPGen files in a row(How?)

I'm trying to find all primes for the main k/n pairs at Riesel Sieve, but, because of something I believe I've heard about finding primality(I'm not going to quote because I may be wrong), I'm trying to find primes for all the remaining k for n*k^2-1 (not a typo).

I've heard(possibly incorrectly) that it is conjectured that if one form(k*2^n-1) is found prime, than the other form(n*2^k-1) also has a prime, and vice-versa.

Which leads me to my question. Because some of these k take longer than others in this form, is it possible to set criteria for sieving multiple ks in NewPGen(one after the other), then just let it go?
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