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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Well about 4/5's of those were Atlas's (Jon Glenn's ride to space.)
I will see you with this and raise you with this.
Thanks! I could probably watch videos of rockets blowing up all day - as long as they didn't involve anyone getting injured or killed.

There was a story about about the Vanguard TV-3 failure - the first US attempt to put a satellite in orbit - that seems to have dropped by the wayside. In the video, you can see the nose cone coming off as the rocket topples over. Apparently the satellite made it to the ground intact, clear of the explosion, and sat there beeping. My mom told me that someone suggested shooting it to put it out of its misery.

When a rocket blows up in flight, that is usually the result of the Range Safety Officer or Safety Engineer sending a radio signal that detonates an explosive charge designed and installed to rip the casing from end to end. This prevents the rocket from going far downrange and blowing up where it might inflict damage or casualties.

There is at least one video of a rocket that actually went up and subsequently nosed straight down and blew up when it hit the gound. I'm not sure why the self-destruct wasn't executed.

EDIT: Back on topic - let's hope the thing checks out OK after the little oopsadaisy, and launches safely around Christmas.

And that it works as intended...

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