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That's a neat idea, scid has an ECO file defining ~10k opening lines over half of which are over 10 ply long. Not a quick thing to implement but a quick thing to execute and potentially strong.

I've also taken a peek at stockfish. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to generate an ordered list of moves for a position but it's simple enough to give it a position and it returns the best calculated move using the UCI interface interface. With a depth of one some of us might even still be alive by the time all ~1/3 billion positions in caissabase are evaluated in this way. It would certainly accelerate the need for concurrency via OpenMP, something else on the TODO if I'm not bored of this by then.

Stockfish-bestmove and an opening book can both be integrated with the existing sortv1 ordering so they seem like the natural way to progress. If stockfish is quick enough the plan is to merge stockfish with v1 forming v2, merge ECO with v1 forming v3, and merging all three into v4 to then allow for some juicy comparisons.
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