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Default Re: Have Found Principle to generate infinitive PRIME NUMBERS

Originally posted by Evgeny Dolgov
I have found principle to generate very huge PRIME NUMBERS (any (infinitive) length) special two kind

It’s easy to generate prime number that
weighs in at a whopping 10,000,000 decimal digits!
50 000 000 and more and more – it’s infinitive
You should describe your principle here or - even better - below in the "Math"-section so we can discuss it there in detail.

Of course there exist algorithms that find primes of 10,000,000 decimal digits - testing all the mersenne prime-candidates is one of the more efficient. You have to show us how your algorithm needs less time to do the same.

If you believe, that you have invented a prime-producing formula without the need of testing the generated numbers for primality, but do not want to share the details with us, just let your formula produce a bunch of primes with - let's say - 40 decimal digits and check them for primality online with the Miller-Rabin test. If you want, please calculate ten 40-digit numbers with your idea, punch them in using the link above and let us know how many of them are prime.

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