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Evgeny Dolgov

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Thanks for replay

Ok i reply

Infinity is based on elemental properties
of two kind of Prime numbers.

So you can generate any huge prime number
using very simple rule without any computer machines.

and easy to verify that numbers. (probably)

ok. of course i know that hard to believe
because during centuries there is no any rules

only like Mersenne or other.

But i say the prime numbers using my very simple principle
cannot be obtained or computed using rule of mersenne.

it's not numbers like 2p-1

i know that Mathematical society have to test my principle of
generation infinitive prime numbers. But results i think about 95-100% of success.

So i need to say all this official and to right people or
math organization,

i need help to tell this right and
may be win the money prize.

In which organization i have to turn to?

Thanks for any help

Evgeny Dolgov
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