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It’s no joke.

I have found principle to generate very huge PRIME NUMBERS ...
If you have truly done so, your discovery is potentially quite valuable.

The first thing that you should do is to establish proof of whatever it is. Write up a COMPLETE description of the idea, sign and date the document, and mail it to yourself. When you get it back, DO NOT OPEN the letter, but keep it in a safe place.

Then you need to generate a prime large enough to qualify for the prize and establish how it can be proven to be prime in a "reasonable" time. (I presume that there is some property of the generating scheme that can be used to accelerate the proof).

At that point, you should find a professional to review your idea. Start with a faculty advisor who should be able to assist you in finding someone who is both qualified and willing to review your work. If it passes the first review, I'm sure that they will be excited and quite willing to help you proceed from there.
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