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Originally Posted by moo
I noticed the hardware section on the wiki is empty mabey we should post some of the fallowing
-a short on which is better for tf amd64 or intel
-a short on which is better for ll amd64 or intel
-new hardware coming that could improve speeds
-ideas on usage of hardware
-aup (acctable use policty) such as mass installs that arnt legal are not welcome
Maybe so moo, in which case I think it ought to include that TF is significantly faster on a 64 bit capable processor (when running a 64 bit and prime95-supporting OS which for most people means Windows XP 64 Pro but there are others).

I wouldn't buy another 32 bit cpu. It could list which processors can do 64 bit and which can't. Also mention that it is possible now to run prime95 on the Intel-based macs if they are running XP.
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