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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
While Primenet appears to have come back a few hours ago, it does not appear to be issuing *any* LL assignments.
This was a strange one. If there are any SQLServer experts here, maybe one can explain what happened.

The SQL statement to get an assignment does a UNION of three "SELECT TOP 1 exponent FROM table WITH (UPDLOCK, READPAST) WHERE some_stuff ORDER BY exponent". These 3 selects get the smallest exponent available for LL, P-1, and TF. The code then returns the smallest of the 3.

What happened was the select statement to get the smallest TF hung. It was my understanding that this should not happen because of the READPAST option. Any ideas?

Anyway, this SQL statement hasn't changed in 5 years so I restarted MS-SQL. I suspect all the LL testers trying to get exponents and getting hung up caused the frequent DATABASE UNAVAILABLE errors.

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