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I'm getting an error similar to swl551's, when Prime95 tries to submit an LL result:

PrimeNet error 3: Server busy
Database unavailable
For manual submission of TFs, I can log in to the page and see my User Summary, and can even reach the manual results page, but when I try to send the results, nothing happens for a while and then I get a page that's mostly blank except for "[username] logged-in" and the GIMPS artwork at the top left of the page. This particular problem happened last night and then again just a few minutes ago (next time I tried to submit manual TFs).


P.S. When (still logged in) I selected "Totals Overall" under "Top Producers," the page started doing strange things: the left (menu) panel kept popping in and out of existence, and when it's visible it looks different from what I've always seen. And when the page finally stabilized, I was logged out?!

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