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2 hrs on each of two GPUs yielded 5 polys between 3e-13 and 3.1e-13, one just over 3.1e-13, and this one:
# norm 1.664492e-16 alpha -7.157348 e 3.470e-13 rroots 5
skew: 5053398.85
c0: -2786893278589734609571856633574386128995
c1: 4306299542743462566376217981723261
c2: 3783578211791106561032446613
c3: -821977447850264829373
c4: -149300456419050
c5: 5352984
Y0: -387655707969523635036413081890624
Y1: 16516041263376677
I found it using the following invocation for msieve:
./msieve -np1 -nps "5000000,6000000 stage1_norm=4e24 stage2_norm=4e22" -s rsa170test
When I got bored, I stopped it and then ran:
./msieve -npr -s rsa170test
The 5million,6million part is the value of the first coefficient to search over; this is the part you can easily spread over multiple machines. The other settings I set based on personal experience and the speed of my GPUs.
Hope this helps!
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