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1) After ECM stage 2 memory is not freed back to the OS in Linux leading to process killed due to out-of-memory. Fixed in build 6.
2) Continuing from an old P-1 save file in stage 2 crashes. Fixed in build 6.
3) Rare P-1 and ECM infinite loops during stage 2 init (well, technically until another worker exits stage 2). Fixed in build 6.
4) PRP on 1435648^131072+1 hangs. Fixed in build 6.
5) Memory corruption and crash possible when ECM chose N^2 modular inverse pooling (occurs when available stage 2 memory is very low). Fixed in build 7.
6) Possible crash bug in stage 2 init when initial stage 2 plan used too much memory. Fixed in build 9.
7) There were no small all-complex FFTs defined for Zen architecture. Thus, ECM on small Fermats gave a "cannot initialize FFT" error. Fixed in 30.5 build 1.
8) PRP roundoff errors during the last 50 iterations are possible (for a small range of exponents below the FFT limit). Fixed in 30.5 build 1.
9) Interrupting P-1 in stage 2, then changing worktodo.txt to a higher B1 and restarting could cause a crash. Fixed in 30.5 build 2.
10) Torture testing is broken!! Fixed in 30.6 build 4

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