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Upon rereading the problem, I find I hadn't been reading it correctly. I think I have it now, but if so I have a major difficulty with it.

A component pi of the vector pop is the numbers of eligible voters in state i. The hypothesis that all the vi are odd insures that there can't be a tie at the ballot box in any state. The corresponding component vi of the vote is the number of votes a candidate got in state i.

Therefore vi <= pi, and if 2*vi < pi, then the other candidate gets all that state's electors.

OK, the grand total number of electors is given to be 1001. Here is the difficulty I have with that: Both in the example with the non-conforming vector pop and erroneous computation with only 1000 electors being assigned, and in the vector pop in the puzzle itself,

the number of electors is greater than the number of eligible voters!

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