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Server may be down for a little longer than expected. There's something more wrong than an aging HDD, perhaps faulty RAM, not sure yet. Data center ticket opened, hope they can find and fix the problem soon.

Originally Posted by storm5510 View Post
He has a vast amount of data stored, somewhere. I wonder what he runs all of this on?
Depends on your definition of "vast", but yeah, it's about 600 million records taking up ~50GB (with indices). Of that, however, most of the data is replicating stuff already known from PrimeNet. The "important" bit is the TF effort above 1000M, which is not duplicated on any other server (but is backed up monthly to my home systems). Once the server is back online, if there's interest I can quite easily make this data available to anyone who might be interested (at a public URL, there's no secret data here).
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