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The exponent M59999 is one of those that has a two-line "known_factors" PRP output, due to having a long factor string.

If you accidentally manually report to only the second line, namely:

Known factors used for PRP test were: 4430446159,91756922012479,1438108281649159,614609832595742273
then it will give you an error message about an email failure:

Done processing:
Warning: mail(): Failed to connect to mailserver at "" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\inetpub\www\manual_result\ on line 136 * Parsed 1 lines.

At the bottom, it will say "Did not understand 1 lines." and then echo the above "Known factors" line.

The first line of the two-line PRP output, which was omitted above, is:
UID: GP2/c4.xlarge, M59999/known_factors is not prime.  RES64: E2B9C8D770E4A091. Wf8: F5DDFA60,00000000
Attempting to manually report the two lines together gives the error:

processing: PRP=(false) for M59999/4430446159/91756922012479/1438108281649159/614609832595742273
Error code: 40, error text: Another computer has already reported this PRP result for M59999

In this case, the other user has indeed self-triple checked the exponent, however all of these are "known_factors" entries without the list of exponents.

On a related note:

There are many cases where the user Oliver Kruse has automatically submitted a "known_factors" result (i.e., without the factor string). In these cases, the user still has an assignment pending for that same exponent.

In these cases, redoing the exponent in question and manually reporting it will often result in a successful double check, an additional entry in the History section with the full factor string, and the other user's pending assignment gets expired (it's now in red). See for instance M1523.

But there is a strange inconsistency, because sometimes Primenet will reject the manual report with a "another computer has already reported" error, even though the circumstances seem identical (the original report was just "known_factors", without the list of factors). In this case, no additional entry gets added to the History second, and the other user's pending assignment remains pending. See for instance M1549.

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