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Filling the GAPS for
Riesel list (k·2n-1 prime) for 10^8 < k < 10^9 [Completed]

22k LLR'd upto n=50k

175977945*2^n-1     [completed]
178140105*2^n-1      [completed]
199140045*2^n-1      [completed]
228461805*2^n-1     [completed]
228986175*2^n-1     [completed]
240924255*2^n-1     [completed]
244133175*2^n-1     [completed]
249671565*2^n-1     [completed]
272605245*2^n-1     [completed]
272936235*2^n-1     [completed]
281804985*2^n-1     [completed]
384158775*2^n-1     [completed]
418791945*2^n-1     [completed]
445419975*2^n-1     [completed]
555567045*2^n-1     [completed]
682980375*2^n-1     [completed]
687218805*2^n-1     [completed]
719053335*2^n-1     [completed]
776668035*2^n-1     [completed]
828512685*2^n-1     [completed]
857996205*2^n-1     [completed]
949473525*2^n-1     [completed]
Here is the File with all the primes for the above range. 22kprime.txt


P.S: Kar_bon please look in the range Riesel list (k·2n-1 prime) for 10^8 < k < 10^9 and let me know if i might have missed any k's

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