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Originally Posted by cheesehead View Post
Personally, I see those comments as simply being from someone who happens not to have previously seen all the facts about those topics that others have learned, just as the rest of us haven't seen all the facts about other subjects (in some of which you would be more expert than we). You have more courage in posting your statements/questions about those topics than many others of similar knowledge-level have. :-)
(sorry for the late post. I went through a short depression a month or two ago, and that always seems to change my daily habits. Now, instead of being obsessed with specific DCing sites, it´s browser games and :) )

This post was more of a public Post It note than an urge to jump back in the fray. I´m choosing to respect the privacy of my friend at the moment. When his health hopefully improves, then he can come here himself and set the record straight, although my impulsiveness has caused some of my postings to be utter crap, since my IQ drops dramatically when I get stressed.

As far as some of my past comments are concerned, he has a not-quite-ready-for-primetime LLR client in the works that runs best on some very unusual hardware.

Have a great day, people :)
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