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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
The only gcc installed now is version 4.8.5. Should I install an older gcc (if so what level) or should I upgrade the OS to a higher level so I can install a newer CUDA? Does anyone have ecm working with CUDA 9.0 or higher on openSUSE and if so what level of openSUSE?

Chris (getting slightly frustrated by now)
I've passed the frustration point with my systems. I was getting the same with my Ubuntu 20.04 with all the 10.x and 11.x CUDA versions (my card isn't supported by CUDA 11.x, anyway). I installed and made default several older gcc versions (8, 9, 10).* I gave up for now.

* I'm curious about the gcc version numer difference between yours and mine. The default Ubuntu 20.04 gcc is 9.3.0, my Debian Buster is 8.3.0, and the default for my Fedora 33 is 10.3.1. Is your version actually that old compared to mine?
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