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I'm trying to build it on Linux, but have not had much luck. I copied the process I used to build the previous version:
cd gmp-ecm-gpu_integration
autoreconf -si

./configure --enable-gpu=30 # The previous version needed --enable-gpu=sm30. The following messages look relevant:
checking that CUDA Toolkit version and runtime version are the same... (9.1/9.1) yes
configure: with_cgbn: , , "

make # This fails with messages about CGBN being missing.
What version of CUDA Toolkit and runtime is needed to support CGBN? And where is cgbn.h on your system?

Also what makes of GPU support it? Mine may be too old.


PS I use ECM set to do 512 bit arithmetic for numbers below 2^506. This is about 3 times faster than the 1024 bit version. So you may be *only* getting a factor of 3 over all ranges. But that's still very nice.

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