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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
Just creating templates for linking/displaying different numbers in the comments of prime lists.

First: Template 'NWo' for (Near / General / Near General) Woodall numbers depending on given parameters.

Example at Riesel prime k=257 shows the easier entry instead using template "Kbn" here.

Those numbers will be collected on their own page, more to come later.

The same will be done for Cullen (NCu), Riesel (NRi), Proth (NPr), Fermat (NFe) with their general/special forms.

So for Fermat there're forms:
original Fermat: 2^2^n+1
General Fermat: b^2^n+1
Ext.General Fermat: a^2^n + b^2^n including the forms with b=1 (like 4*5^n+1, n even)

To solve: the a-value of a xGF can contain very long numbers/expressions to store Fermat/GF/xGF factors into own pages (title length limited).

To come:
Template for Fermat numbers with their data (like Mersenne primes) with discoverers of factors, factors, Top5000 ID, FactoDB link, PrimeGrid ID, status, #digits including generated categorizing etc.
How about the Williams primes (b+-1)*b^n+-1?

Besides, what is the pages of near Cullen/Woodall primes (n+-1)*b^n+-1? like the Williams primes.
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