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This issue apparently has gotten out of hand on the SRBase site and that is my fault. The project admins here at CRUS needed to take more personal time to give the project a better direction. I now have more such time. I had not taken a look at the site in over a year and had not realized that these untested k's and bases have been over-emphasized on the main page there. I just now had a look at that page and was a little disappointed by what I saw in two places, especially after indicating a year ago in this thread how such information encourages the project to move in an incorrect direction. I would like to suggest that we shut that down because it is conterproductive to accomplishing what the project needs: proving bases and reducing k's remaining on reasonably-conjectured bases.

For the uninitiated, the SRBase BOINC home page is here:

Two sections in question:

Project status:
  • Riesel Base: 392/1031 proven (18.09.2017)
  • Sierpinski Base: 384/1032 proven (19.02.2017)
    278 unstarted bases (09.12.2017)

    706,136,815,151,905 Total k's remaining (01.06.2017)
    0.0055% done

Reb, I'd like to ask for the removal of the total number of k's remaining as well as unstarted bases. You could show the number of bases with 1, 2, or 3 k's remaining. Alternatively, perhaps in that area you could provide a link to our pages that show the number of proven bases, and the number of bases with 1/2/3 k's remaining as shown here: Alternative #2: You could remove all of your "hard-coded" statistics there and just provide the link. That would give your searchers all of the info. that they really need for the project.

Even though the above link shows the number of unstarted bases, it can be seen in the larger context of how many bases are at different places in their search depth: a much better picture. (VBCurtis had also suggested showing something along these lines in post #2 in this thread.)

Compared with last years the following process was made:

2014-2015 - 87M WUs processed, 1 base solved, 314 bases unstarted
2015-2016 - 88M WUs processed, 5 bases solved, 297 bases unstarted
2016-2017 - 99M WUs processed, 5 bases solved, 282 bases unstarted
in total - 274M WUs processed, 11 bases solved, 282 bases unstarted

Reb, I'd like to ask for the removal of bases unstarted. CRUS will not be starting all bases such as R280/S280 anyway so it is misleading. Besides, all unstarted bases (except one) have conjectures greater than 1e5 now and so the remaining untested bases will be done very slowly.

I like all of the other info. in those two sections.

Reb, we greatly appreciate everything that BOINC and the community have done for the project. I'd like not to offend you in suggesting this but I feel it is necessary so that we encourage more searching where it is is needed.

And two final things:
First, this request has nothing to do with my or anyone else's effort involved in managing large conjectured bases. I now have much more personal time than I did a few months ago and that will not change in the near future.

Second, I do plan to request some admin help in the near future. Ian does help me from time-to-time but he has taken on a lesser role in the last few years.

In other words, this has to do with project direction, not my personal effort or anyone else's effort.


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