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Originally Posted by KEP View Post
It includes no teeny tiny primes. Because of the way srbsieve works, it is very easy to automatize the process of finding out exactly how many k's each conjecture has that are Trivial k's, MOB and for the Sierpinski side GFN. It is not useless, at least thats not how it is viewed by the thousand new users that support CRUS through BOINC at srbase.

To be clear, I'm not (like when I created the srbsieve.ini files) searching for any primes other than on base 16 for now. But even though the stats we already have now is good and great, they say nothing at all about how far we have actually gotten

I'm btw gonna publish my version 0.1 of the more accurate statistics on srbase website, very soon. The stats I publish will contain the data available on january 1st on the various subpages on the CRUS website. So far more than 22T trivial factors has been counted and 374 GFN aswell as 2.5+T MOB's

Happy new year everyone

Take care

You took my posting out of context. Trillions of teeny primes...trillions of trivial k's...trillions of k's that are MOB. It's all of what I am talking about.

You could remove those statistics at SRBase and the BOINC users would be better off. What they should be encouraged to look at is the number of proven, 1k, 2k, 3k, etc. bases remaining. Encourage them to move bases into such colums.

Our statistics say everything that we need to about how far we have gotten. K's remaining on all bases is useless information and a waste of your time and CPU resources. CRUS will never take on bases like R280/S280. Why waste your time?

I indicated my displeasure in this thread with such statistics before. The starting of large-conjectured bases should not be encouraged.

We have all of the statistics that we need about the project here: We don't need any more.

I have an idea: Perhaps we can close off the project for future bases with conjectures > 1M. Then your statistics would be meaningless unless of course you want to take on managing those conjectures yourself.

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