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Originally Posted by MisterBitcoin View Post
Well, I think both bases are solveable, but it´s a matter of time (and resources). It will take many years to do it, but it´s possible.
If BOINC would only take R3 we would see a massive progress on it. :)
I feel a little Silverman in me right now. This is ridiculous. It could not be done using all of the resources in the entire universe until the heat death of the known universe. Have you read this?:

I don't have time to explain to you why this is the case if you cannot understand it. All that you have to do is some research into the exponentional increase in the size of the final primes on bases as well as the exponentional increase into the size of the testing time.

I'll tell you what...Why don't you reserve some really big tests on a base that has a chance to be proven? You seem to think that others can just find these large primes easily. How about reserving R31 that is currently tested to n=1M? Run that up to n=2M using all of the resources that you have and get back with me on solving bases. For that matter enlist 10 of your friends to help you search that base. See how long you all last with it.

I guess I get a little tired of demonstrating to people the size of the efforts needed to prove even smaller-conjectured bases.

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