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Originally Posted by KEP View Post
Something isn't quite right. On ALL odd bases ALL odd k's has been removed. However I cannot without testing all k's for trivial, GFN and MOB, remove any further k's.

It would be manageable, to remove the k's but it would mean about 700000+ spreadsheet tables would have to be created and that would require about 2100000+ minutes of work. So it could be managed, but it would make the stats much harder to do
Of course all odd k's on odd bases have been removed. They have a trivial factor of 2. Keep in mind that the starting bases script does not write odd k's to the trivial file for odd bases. It assumes that the user knows that such k's don't need to be tested.

Doing what you stated is a pointless task. If you want to track something meaningful for us, do this:
Look at all bases with a conjectured k less than 1M. Run all such unstarted bases through the starting bases script to get a close estimate of the number of k's that have to actually be primed for unstarted bases. Add those k's together with the k's remaining on all started bases and post those figures. That would be something that the project could reasonably shoot for.

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