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Originally Posted by MisterBitcoin View Post
That´s an good idea. I´m willing to take care about S3/S7/S15, if you let me know what must be done.
Managing 1042 (x2) Bases is way to much for 1 person (even for two).
Good luck with that! It is far more effort than you will ever realize to get it completely right, even for one such huge base. You'll be dealing with huge primes and results files, lots of different people with different motivations, managing reservations, answering 100s of questions, dealing with many software changes that you have to make sure are right before they can be used, removing k's that have been primed, sorting primes and results, removing duplicated primes, and publicly posting and maintaining the status of the base, the k's remaining, and the reservations. I cannot begin to demonstrate the amount of effort involved.

I would definitely like CRUS to maintain the management of R3 and S3. If someone can demonstrate that they understand what is involved in managing a huge base and can demonstrate that they will stick with it for 5 years or longer and will not lose interest, I will gladly turn it over to them. I'm fine with turning over all of bases 7 and 15 and any other base with CK > 1G. Keep in mind that some of the huge bases are 10s to 100s of times larger than R3 and S3.

I am out of town now for another 10 days and don't really have time to explain in detail what needs to be done to manage a huge base. This is all that I have time to post. KEP has attempted the task. KEP can you talk with MisterBitcoin about possibly managing a huge base?

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