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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
We already have detailed stats for bases proven and bases with 1, 2, and 3 k's remaining:

I too think that the total number of k's remaining on the project is not very relevant. Although I have kept a few files from testing for S280, I don't plan to ever keep track of either R280 or S280 on the pages. There are a few other huge conjectures that I don't plan to track.

I feel like KEP's statistic just encourages people to start huge bases. That is not a direction that I would like to see the project take. I would ask that people not start huge bases unless they plan to start them as part of their own side project.
+1. I like the stats pages Gary posted above. The only improvement might be if we added a row for "unsolvable" bases, but then we have problems defining what unsolvable means. Consider R6. I suspect the probability of finding a prime for that sequence is less than 1 now. Consider R3. As Gary mentioned, the final primes for that base won't be computable. R3 and R6 are very different cases, but both might be considered unsolvable.

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