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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
The tracking method does not reduce the number of k's remaining for k's with trivial factors or algebraic factors on bases that have not been started. I say that because it would take a tremendous amount of time to get that figure exactly correct. So it is extremely misleading. KEP can you confirm that?
No this tracking method, does not remove the k's with trivial and algebraric factors, from the amount of untested k's. However it does remove the k's that you do not show on your website, from the number of remaining k's, from the fully started ranges (ranges=fully started conjecture or partially started and now shown on the CRUS website conjecture).

Since srbsieve is not really using much effort to track down the trivially factored and GFN k's, I really don't see the harm in waiting for the day that all ranges are started, to have a statistics that does only show the k's remaining that actually requires quite an effort to remove from the overall total of k's remaining

Well, since I solved my problems with accessing srbase (by using the new adress), I think I'll just post there for the future as I did for the past. It really doesn't seem like anyone here (who isn't able to find the stats at srbase website) bothers about these stats, so for the future I'll post an update at srbase website

And no, this was not to encourage anyone to start big bases, it was what it is, just plain statistics on how much effort has been done and what remains to be done
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