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Default gcwsieve 1.0.18

This version has two minor bugfixes:

Test for Extended 3DNow instead of just 3DNow to determine whether the prefetchnta instruction is available on AMD CPUs. This affected K6-2 CPUs.

Use the best benchmark time instead of the average benchmark time when deciding whether or not to use software prefetching. The average times could be inaccurate when there were other processes running on the same CPU.

There are also some changes to the status line display: The percentage of CPU usage (cpu_time/elapsed_time) is now reported, the status line alternates between these two sets of stats:
p=1071802477019, 249775 p/sec, 16 factors, 100.0% cpu, 2953 sec/factor
p=1071817422251, 249836 p/sec, 16 factors, 16.9% done, ETA 24 Aug 14:23
And there are two new switches change the information displayed on the status line:

-R --report-primes

Reports primes/sec (the number of prime factors tested per second) instead of p/sec (the increase in p per second).

-e --elapsed-time

Reports p/sec, primes/sec, and sec/factor using elapsed time instead of CPU time.
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