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Default Linux mprime client v22.8 problem


I am running the above client on several nodes, including some servers (IBM DB2 7.3 latest patch level, Apache, Tomcat and others). On the DB2 server I had to remove the client as the whole machine froze up. On the Tomcat machine it slows down the response time by something like 20 milliseconds (=20%), but that is within acceptable limits, on the Apache machine there are no noticable effects. I tried to run with only one client, but same results. I also tried running factorization only and again the same results.

All the machines are running Redhat 7.3 with the latest Redhat patch levels (inc libraries). These machines have a large amount of Ram; 1.5GB up to 4GB and 2 cpus. The DB2 machine is a dual PIII Xeon with 1MB cache, the other 2 servers are dual 1GHz PIIIs.

I believe I had the same problem with earlier versions of the client, but then the machine were not in production, so a freeze didn't bother me too much. Now they are in production and I cannot have machines freezing at any time.

Is there any way I can figure what goes on with the client ( a debug log or something) ?
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