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I did not call you racist. I merely said the joke was in poor taste since as scripted in your post above it seemed to imply that Indian tech support is worse than in other countries. I acknowledge that the joke was a postfrom the Anandtech forum but you did post an approving comment saying that you found it funny and that you had experienced something similar. How is this as a response from the very same forum:

I agree. The parent post was a complete joke with a lot of ignorance mixed in. There are good and bad tech support reps everywhere. Yes, Indians can actually be worse because they are so into theory and have been taught to follow the manual regardless the problem, so it's not exactly their fault. They want to keep their jobs, so they do what the management tells them to.

Are you trying to imply that all American tech support reps are excellent? If so, then you are in for a surprise.

Moreover, as someone else posted above, as long as America is an attractive country for innovation, there will always be jobs. And considering how U.S. is the most powerful country (at least for now - China and India are expected to surpass US economy in the next decade or so) economically, companies have a reason to stay here.

So, enough with the ignorance. It's almost disgusting how half of these people post about topics they don't understand. Heck, outsourcing isn't even affecting a lot of people any way, yet they are like sheep and follow the stupid herd.
So clearly other people too think that the joke implies that Indian tech support is worse than US tech support. Also, about 10 million people in India are christian so it is not inconceivable for someone to have an Indian accent and be called Mark. Improbable but not impossible.

As regards Mally's original post and your statement

"All I am saying is like people from all countries, there is a mixture of GOOD IT people and BAD IT people."

I agree completely with your statement but the joke without any qualifying comments gave me a contrary impression.

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